Artist Statement

Artist's Statement

My strongest interest is painting.  I love to paint.  Bringing the beauty of God's world onto a canvas is a humbling experience.  I love to capture light on everyday objects and the world around me.  Painting nature and from memory is a passion.

A constant in my art is doodling.  Doodling brings tranquility and creativity to my practice as an artist.  The freedom to paint without planning is thrilling.

My newest endeavor is upcycling.  Upcycling brings new life to objects which normally have exceeded their purpose.  I am inspired by the challenge of saving objects from the landfill. 


KG Nowak is a visual artist working in South-eastern Wisconsin.  Born on the east coast, her family moved to Wisconsin when she was a child.  Nowak earned a bachelor’s degree in drawing and painting as well as art education from UW-Milwaukee. Nowak received her master's in instructional technology from Cardinal Stritch University.  Currently she is an art educator at Homestead High School.